cleanin up the town

#537 - "Masters of the Toy License Universe" - September 16, 2019

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This week on the show, Troy and Chris are catching up on the biggest news items of the past few weeks: Hasbro, Halloween Horror Nights, Cleanin’ Up the Town and more! First up, Chris is flying to Calgary, but not for the reason that you’d immediately think, he’ll be attending one of the first (finally!) screenings of the Ghostbusters making-of documentary “Cleanin’ Up the Town.” Then, the boys talk about the recent news that Hasbro is taking over the master toy license next year. What does it mean? What do they hope is in store? All that plus items on Halloween Horror Nights and more on this week’s show!

#248 - "All By Myself" - November 28, 2016

Troy's flying solo this week, so we have a short mini-sode for you on the Crossrip. IDW's Ghostbusters International is coming to a close, Ivan Reitman is out there running with the torch talking about the future of Ghost Corps, and there's a whole lot of Black Friday/holiday season sales and merchandise out there to be had for Ghostbusters fans. And we'll do it all under 15 minutes, now that's economy!

#209 - Anthony Bueno (Director)/Claire Bueno (Producer) "Cleanin' Up the Town" - February 25, 2016

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, this is a third Crossrip in one week! For good reason though, as we have Anthony and Claire Bueno, the Director and Producer of the new documentary "Cleanin' Up the Town" on the show to talk about their film. Their documentary "Cleanin' Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters" is an in-depth an intricate look behind the scenes of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II that, as you'll hear in the interview, has truly been a labor of love for the last eight years. Anthony and Claire have been self-financing and self-producing the documentary during that time but need our help to cross the finish line so that we can all enjoy this special piece of film history. With just 11 days left in their Kickstarter campaign, there's a Ghostbusters movie out there that needs you, head to their site now to donate before it's too late!

#207 - "The End of the World Super Spectacular Special Show!" - February 14, 2016

We have a trailer! Well, a trailer FOR the trailer! We've got a special show planned for you to celebrate the Trailer Announcement that also just so happens to be on the date aliens in Paramus, NJ predicted would be the end of the world! Join Troy and Chris for a breakdown of the trailer announcement and perhaps some clues within for the future of what's to come. Then the boys will talk all the merchandise news that's fit to print because this week also is the New York International Toy Fair - Legos, fan clubs, Funko Pop Vinyls, there's a whole slew of good stuff coming that we finally got to see. Then, Cleanin' Up the Town's Kickstarter campaign happened in between recording sessions, and with it came a new trailer that the boys'll chat about. Also, great news out of Chicago as Second City has announced the Harold Ramis Film School opening in September, and there's a familiar name in charge of it. Finally, we'll get to everyone's fantastic (and fun) feedback to the Death and Taxes article discussed last week, including a guest appearance from the guys at Ghostbusters Resurrection. This is a CAN'T MISS episode of the Crossrip, especially considering the world might be coming to an end, join us for the last moments won't you?

#204 - Anthony Bueno/Director "Cleanin' Up the Town" - January 25, 2016

This week, Chris dives back into the Proton Charging vaults for an interview he did with Anthony Bueno, the filmmaker behind the Ghostbusters documentary "Cleanin' Up the Town" - long in the making, the documentary covers the making of the original two Ghostbusters films and features interviews with cast, crew, and participants from the films including the late Harold Ramis and David Margulies. Check out "Cleanin' Up the Town's" crowd funding campaign coming soon to hear how you can help this film cross the finish line so we can all see it!

#202 - "Was It Posed?" - January 11, 2016

This week, Trailer Watch 2015-- er 16 continues as Troy and Chris keep watch on all the latest Ghostbusters (2016) news including some news on the merchandising front and the results of a Proton Charging poll (scientific or not, you'll want to hear what the results had to say). Then stick around for the latest on the IDW Ghostbusters International front, the new Ghostbusters redemption arcade game, and finally some updates on Cleanin' Up the Town - the all-new documentary on the making of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II!