#521 - "The Final Countdown" - May 27, 2019

GBIC_Instagram Ep521.jpg

This week on the show, more Fan Fest revelations, Dan talks 2020 (and beyond… before?), and a new Bill Murray book sheds vulnerable light on the man. First up, Fan Fest news is slowly starting to trickle in with a little under two weeks to go before the event, some surprises (good and bad) and more to be discussed this week. Then, a ton of merchandise news including Funko and Playmobil animated ads, a whole mess of Halloween costumes and more. Then, a book called “Wild and Crazy Guys” is just around the corner this week and an EW excerpt makes Troy and Chris excited for the honesty and candid tone. Finally, in Ghostbusters (2020) news, a question about Bill Murray’s recent tone and Dan Aykroyd is out celebrating National Caesar Day and seems to have some ideas for the future. Which involves the past.