#112 - "Bill Effing Murray Appreciation" - September 21, 2015

On this, the day of Bill Murray's birth, we're throwing a double-stuffed two hour long episode your way in his honor. First up, some news: Ghostbusters (2016) is wrapped and did a little filming in NYC to close things out (no, we don't get into the major spoiler from the last day of shooting), Lego Dimensions got a sweet trailer, and what's with the new ride being built in Dubai? Then stick around for an all-time top five Bill Murray film discussion between Troy and Chris is topped off with a special Interviews with Melissa McCarthy, Larry King, the man himself, and some vintage National Lampoon Radio Hour comedy are all impeccably cut together by our own Chris Stewart for a half-hour long listening audio odyssey. And if that wasn't enough goodness? We've got some listener feedback with John from Chicago that poses a great question: what's with all the negativity?