bill effing murray

#224 - BBQ Films/Lenny Platt, Gabriel Rhoads and Lauren Lickus - June 6, 2016

This week on the Crossrip, we're joined by the minds behind BBQ Films' experience in Brooklyn, New York: Lenny Platt, Gabriel Rhoads, and Lauren Lickus! Plus a contest sponsored by Loot Crate! But in the first hour, catching up on the latest news (because there's a whole lot) - a new single by Elle King for the new Ghostbusters film was released as part of the new soundtrack announcement, Troy and Chris dissect all the news there. Global Ghostbusters Day is coming up on June 8th, the guys run down everything that entails including old and new cast members meeting in one place on the Jimmy Kimmell Live show this coming Wednesday. Chris is SUPER caffeinated and excited to have gotten his first batch of Cryptozoic trading cards, so buckle up because he's going to break it down. The boys talk about that Dan Aykroyd comment and a certain TV spot as well as Tom Zhou's breakdown of the trailer editorial. Lots of merch news including Mattel exclusives and puzzles galore. Stay tuned for news about how you can win a free limited edition Ghostbusters Loot Crate and then in our second hour, hear how a warehouse in Brooklyn was transformed for the ultimate Ghostbusters experience by the team at BBQ Films!

#112 - "Bill Effing Murray Appreciation" - September 21, 2015

On this, the day of Bill Murray's birth, we're throwing a double-stuffed two hour long episode your way in his honor. First up, some news: Ghostbusters (2016) is wrapped and did a little filming in NYC to close things out (no, we don't get into the major spoiler from the last day of shooting), Lego Dimensions got a sweet trailer, and what's with the new ride being built in Dubai? Then stick around for an all-time top five Bill Murray film discussion between Troy and Chris is topped off with a special Interviews with Melissa McCarthy, Larry King, the man himself, and some vintage National Lampoon Radio Hour comedy are all impeccably cut together by our own Chris Stewart for a half-hour long listening audio odyssey. And if that wasn't enough goodness? We've got some listener feedback with John from Chicago that poses a great question: what's with all the negativity?