Commenting Guidelines and Rules

It's a free internet. This much is true. But just a few rules of the road that you should adhere to when posting comments on GBHQ, or you'll make the Carpathian angry...

  1. Absolutely no personal attacks or slander of any kind. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, if you don't like it - ignore it. If it breaks our rules, flag it and don't follow up on it. Here's our rule of thumb around these parts, if it's something you wouldn't say to their face in real life, it's something you shouldn't post. (Yes, that includes personal attacks against filmmakers, celebrities, and anyone else. If you're angry at a certain director, write him a letter. Don't put it in our comments section.)
  2. Comments flagged as inappropriate are immediately hidden and submitted to Troy to review. Don't abuse the crap out of the flagging system, Troy's a busy guy and doesn't want to have to spend hours sifting through the admin panel. If it goes against these rules, flag it. If not, leave it be.
  3. Ghostbusters was a PG movie. Keep your language PG... okay, the 1984 version of PG. Still, keep it within those bounds. Anything with extremely offensive language or words should be flagged and will be wiped from existence.
  4. No Anonymous commenting is allowed. Don't impersonate someone else. Don't sign up under anyone else's name. One person, one account. We don't care how many voices are inside your head, you only get one.
  5. "Are you trolling?" - If so, don't. Knock it off. Nobody's got time for that.
  6. "Are you spamming?" - If so, unless we get a cut of whatever you're earning, knock that off too. (Yes, that includes multiple posting.)
  7. Are you staging a protest? Calling for people to do a walkout? Posting images you want people to use as their profile picture? Go to City Hall and get a permit, then gather the masses on your own website. Not here.
  8. Unless you're the super-hot English teacher I had in junior high school, you're not allowed to correct anyone's grammar. Including mine. If the best argument you have against someone is that they aren't using an Oxford Comma or a dangling preposition, you don't have much of an argument.
  9. That said, you should really know what an Oxford Comma is... especially if you and I had the same English teacher.
  10. Troy reserves the right to change or add to these rules at his discretion. He pays for this joint, deal with it.
  11. Praise or feeding Troy's ego will immediately be acknowledged and appreciated. That one's more a guideline than a rule, really.
  12. All of this carries over to the GBHQ Facebook and Twitter accounts. Don't be a jerk, we're warning you.