#537 - "Masters of the Toy License Universe" - September 16, 2019

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This week on the show, Troy and Chris are catching up on the biggest news items of the past few weeks: Hasbro, Halloween Horror Nights, Cleanin’ Up the Town and more! First up, Chris is flying to Calgary, but not for the reason that you’d immediately think, he’ll be attending one of the first (finally!) screenings of the Ghostbusters making-of documentary “Cleanin’ Up the Town.” Then, the boys talk about the recent news that Hasbro is taking over the master toy license next year. What does it mean? What do they hope is in store? All that plus items on Halloween Horror Nights and more on this week’s show!

#536 - "Listener Voicemails" - September 9, 2019

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This week on the show, we’re turning the airwaves over to you, our awesome listeners for your voicemails! Since we’ve had a few shows with lengthy discussion topics, we haven’t been able to air as many of your messages as we’d like, so here’s a whole episode of them. Wild and Crazy Guys chat, “What If” chat, even a few people talking about their prized Ghostbusters collections. Give your fellow Ghosthead a listen today!

#535 - "Wild and Crazy Guys Book Club Part 2" - September 2, 2019

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This week on the show, the exciting conclusion to our book club for Nick de Semlyen’s “Wild and Crazy Guys.” Right out of the gate, the conversation sticks to Ghostbusters - what was surprising (if anything) to this well-read group of Ghostheads in the club? Can Troy become a bonafide Canadian? Will everything turn out all right on the Nothing But Trouble set? Tune in to find out!

#534 - "Wild and Crazy Guys Book Club Part 1" - August 26, 2019

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Finally at long last, our book club discussion on the fantastic “Wild and Crazy Guys” by Nick de Semlyen. We’re happy to be joined by the Ontario Ghostbusters once again for a roundtable discussion on the iconic group of comedians who influenced generations of those to follow including Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, John Belushi, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Eddie Murphy. What did we learn about the private lives of these comedians? Did our opinions of them change? What new anecdotes and stories did we learn? Tune in to find out!

#533 - "What If: Casting Had Been Very Different?" - August 19, 2019

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This week on the show, we continue our “What If” series with another thought experiment: what if some of the alternative castings mentioned over the years had actually gotten the role? What if John Candy had played Louis Tully? What if Jeff Goldblum had played Egon Spengler? And what if Eddie Murphy had played Winston Zeddemore? All of these and more are explored as Troy and Chris think of reasons the castings may have worked (or, in some instances, why it’s probably better it didn’t).

#532 - "The Collectors" - August 12, 2019

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Forget spy photos, we want to talk about collections. Namely, our collections. But first, we’ll hear your voicemails ranging on topics from Spirit Halloween packs to our “What If” discussion last week. Then, in the second half of the show, Troy and Chris talk about some of their most prized possessions in their collections. Not necessarily the items that have the most monetary value, but those that hold emotional or sentimental value to them both. Can you believe we’re 200+ episodes in and we’ve never done this? Neither could we!

#531 - "What If: Ghostbusters II Was a Bigger Success?" - August 5, 2019

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This week on the show, a few quick news items and then an interesting thought experiment: what if Ghostbusters II had been the biggest movie of Summer 1989, beating out Batman among others for box office gold? And what if that meant a third sequel would have been made around 1991? What would it have meant for the franchise? Would we still be getting the film we’re getting in 2020, or would the state of the franchise be completely different?

#530 - "Basic English" - July 29, 2019

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This week on the show, Ghostbusters merch crossed the billion dollar mark over ten years ago, let’s celebrate by talking about more and more merch on the way! Spirit has a ton of new offerings coming this September including Real Ghostbusters costumes and a Motorola-lite that hits you with phrases from the film. Jada has monster trucks that are remote controlled on the way. Chronicle Collectibles has a Real Ghostbusters Ecto-1 coming and much much more. Then some talk about the announcement that the crew behind “The Toys That Made Us” will be doing “The Movies That Made Us” with an episode focused on Ghostbusters. It’s gonna be bigger than the microchip! All that plus, what small town is Ghostbusters (2020) filming at starting next week? And why is it so cool? Stay until the very end to find out!

#529 - "Family Photo" - July 22, 2019

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This week on the show, production on Ghostbusters (2020) has commenced and we’ve seen the photos to prove it! Plus, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is ready to scare you with Ghostbusters! All that plus a ton of merch news coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con on this week’s show!

#528 - "Rust City" - July 5, 2019

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This week on the show, Ghostbusters II archival unearthed, Ghostbusters (2020) casting, technical talk and a Japanese cover of Hot Night, are you not entertained? First up, a recently revealed/unearthed UK entertainment program called Film Eighty Nine had a great Ghostbusters II segment which gets Troy and Chris talking about the past before they talk about the future. Then, in our Ghostbusters (2020) chat: Celeste O’Connor and Logan Kim have been cast as the last two of the group of four kids to star in the next film. What are their roles? We’re not speculating anymore, remember? But what we can talk about? The film is being shot on the Arri Alexa LF cameras. What does that mean? And just how many keys to the city does Ernie Hudson have (and why isn’t the answer all of them)? Then in the second half of the show, your voicemails and a special treat from our friend Naoki in Japan, a cover of “Hot Night” that came out in 1984!

#527 - "Ecto-35 and Mash-Ups" - July 8, 2019

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Where to start this week? We’ve got first-hand accounts with Hasbro’s Ecto-35 SDCC exclusive, Paul Rudd joining Ghostbusters (2020), and tons and tons of merch news. First up, Troy and Chris talk about the Optimus Prime gone Ghostbusters that Hasbro was kind enough to send our way, and as it turns out, it sort of fulfilled a childhood dream for Troy. Then, we keep the merch train running including Diamond Select exclusives, Halloween Costumes, Naked and Famous Battle Jackets, and yet another mobile game integration. Rounding out our Ghostbusters (2020) discussion, yes indeed we’ll finally talk about the big news that Paul Rudd has joined Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters film which begins production shortly in Calgary. Experiencing some deja vu? It might be because this (kinda) all happened back in 2009. Birthday girl McKenna Grace spoke with ET Canada about her reaction to being cast (hint: she freaked out). All that plus some comments on that whole “hallway” thing that happened on social media on this week’s jam-packed Crossrip!

#526 - "Dan Aykroyd Appreciation and Canada Day" - July 1, 2019

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On this, the day which celebrates the birth of Dan Aykroyd and the unification of the colonies to become Canada, it occurred to us (Chris) we’ve never done a Dan Aykroyd appreciation clip show. And this simply can’t go another year without being done. Yes, yes, we know about that talented and handsome guy who was just cast in the new Ghostbusters (2020) film, and we’ll be talking about him next week. But this week, it’s all about two things that are beloved by all: Dan Aykroyd and Canada (and possibly vodka, if we’re allowing space for a bonus entry).

#525 - "All Out of Order" - June 24, 2019

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This week on the show, discussion on the recently released Elmer Bernstein score, Optimus Prime goes GB, and some Ghostbusters (2020) updates! First up, Chris and Troy have given the new album release of Elmer Bernstein’s score a listen and it’s fantastic, but why are some of the tracks out of order? And where is Troy’s favorite cue, “Walk?” We’ll try to explain. Then, Hasbro has revealed their SDCC Transformers crossover with Ghostbusters officially, and Hallmark has some Itty Bitty new friends for purchase. Then, in the second half of the show, the remainder of your voicemails on Fan Fest and some Ghostbusters (2020) chat - who from the old crew is back? And why would they be digging through old dailies from the original film?

#524 - "Fan Fest Post-Mortem" - June 17, 2019

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This week on the show, wrapping up Fan Fest (sorta) with Troy and Chris’ thoughts on the event and their experiences as well as your voicemails about the weekend. First up, Troy and Chris do their best to recap the day(s) with some of the highs and lows, and some of the hopeful lessons learned by the Wizard World folks if they ever attempt another similar event. Then, in the second half of the show, listeners called in large numbers to talk about the convention and we have the first part of your voicemails. Next week, we’ll play those we weren’t able to get to, not to worry!

#523A - "Fan Fest Director's Panel" - June 12, 2019

GBIC_Instagram Ep523A.jpg

Join us for a special bonus episode featuring the audio from the Ghostbusters Fan Fest Director’s Panel, which took place this past Saturday featuring Ivan Reitman, Jason Reitman and Paul Feig moderated by Anthony Breznican. Among the topics discussed: casting the three very different films, how to approach comedy and horror, and what’s in store for the future in Ghostbusters (2020).

#523 - "Post-Commentary Commentary" - June 10, 2019

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Fan Fest is in the rear-view mirror and we’ll be talking about it in-depth next week but first, a catch-up on the news and a discussion about this week’s release of Ghostbusters on a 35th Anniversary Steelbook. Troy’s winging it solo as Chris is traveling back up to Canada, but he’ll do his best to talk about Ghostbusters the Video Game Remastered, Jason Reitman’s revelations about Ghostbusters (2020), all the merchandising news coming out of the Licensing Expo including Eaglemoss, K-Swiss, and more. Then, in the second half of the show, this Tuesday sees the release of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II in a special 4K UHD 35th Anniversary steelbook which includes never-before seen special features, deleted scenes, and an unfinished Ghostbusters II teaser trailer that is not to be missed. Amid those special features is a Fan Commentary featuring the Crossrip’s own Troy Benjamin and Chris Stewart, prop builder extraordinaire Sean Bishop, and fellow podcaster Ashley Robinson. After recording the commentary, the whole crew (sadly, minus Ashley) returned to Ghost Corps to decompress and talk about the experience of recording a fan commentary. Call this a post-commentary commentary, that was a whole lot of fun.

#522 - "Behind Closed Doors" - June 3, 2019

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Greetings, weary traveler! On your way to Fan Fest this week? We’ve got you covered with entertainment. This week on the show, looking back on this weekend’s Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors special on Reelz, some quick merch news, Chris Hemsworth opens a raw nerve about his comedic apprehensions, Planet Coaster has some Ghostbusters content coming, and a few last-minute Ghostbusters Fan Fest revelations. What’s in store for us this weekend? Who’s to say. But next week, we’ll be recapping all the events and announcements fit to print. Until then, god speed Ghostheads.

#521 - "The Final Countdown" - May 27, 2019

GBIC_Instagram Ep521.jpg

This week on the show, more Fan Fest revelations, Dan talks 2020 (and beyond… before?), and a new Bill Murray book sheds vulnerable light on the man. First up, Fan Fest news is slowly starting to trickle in with a little under two weeks to go before the event, some surprises (good and bad) and more to be discussed this week. Then, a ton of merchandise news including Funko and Playmobil animated ads, a whole mess of Halloween costumes and more. Then, a book called “Wild and Crazy Guys” is just around the corner this week and an EW excerpt makes Troy and Chris excited for the honesty and candid tone. Finally, in Ghostbusters (2020) news, a question about Bill Murray’s recent tone and Dan Aykroyd is out celebrating National Caesar Day and seems to have some ideas for the future. Which involves the past.

#520 - "College Tuition Payments" - May 20, 2019

GBIC_Instagram Ep520.jpg

This week on the show, Bill Murray isn’t opposed to being in another Ghostbusters, Bernstein’s score is official, and guess who’s coming to Fan Fest? That’s right, first up, some Ghostbusters (2020) news including Bill Murray talking about the film at Cannes, a new animatronic creature designer joining the team, and Jason Reitman stopping by the Funko HQ. Then, Elmer Bernstein’s Ghostbusters score is official and the boys have all the details. Paul Feig is coming to the Ghostbusters Fan Fest in Culver City, CA and Chris and Troy talk about what that means. If that wasn’t enough, have you heard that Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered might just be a thing? Because it’s gotten a board review rating in Taiwan? STILL NOT ENOUGH? Fine! How about Cleanin’ up the Town documentary news? And more! MORE! Are you not podcast entertained?

#519 - "Map to the Future" - May 13, 2019

GBIC_Instagram Ep519.jpg

This week on the show, what a map reveals about Fan Fest, a new score album and a Ray Parker Jr. announcement! First up, the boys talk about a new map revealed by Wizard World for the upcoming Fan Fest (illustrated by the amazing John Yurcaba) and what it reveals about the event. Then, a new release of Elmer Bernstein’s outstanding Ghostbusters score is coming from Sony Music, and the track listing has a few surprises. Then some talk about Ray Parker Jr.’s announcement about his “Who Ya Gonna Call” doc, and some J. Michael Straczynski AMA discussion. All that and a whole lot more on this week’s show!