ghostbusters the video game remastered

#531 - "What If: Ghostbusters II Was a Bigger Success?" - August 5, 2019

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This week on the show, a few quick news items and then an interesting thought experiment: what if Ghostbusters II had been the biggest movie of Summer 1989, beating out Batman among others for box office gold? And what if that meant a third sequel would have been made around 1991? What would it have meant for the franchise? Would we still be getting the film we’re getting in 2020, or would the state of the franchise be completely different?

#523 - "Post-Commentary Commentary" - June 10, 2019

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Fan Fest is in the rear-view mirror and we’ll be talking about it in-depth next week but first, a catch-up on the news and a discussion about this week’s release of Ghostbusters on a 35th Anniversary Steelbook. Troy’s winging it solo as Chris is traveling back up to Canada, but he’ll do his best to talk about Ghostbusters the Video Game Remastered, Jason Reitman’s revelations about Ghostbusters (2020), all the merchandising news coming out of the Licensing Expo including Eaglemoss, K-Swiss, and more. Then, in the second half of the show, this Tuesday sees the release of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II in a special 4K UHD 35th Anniversary steelbook which includes never-before seen special features, deleted scenes, and an unfinished Ghostbusters II teaser trailer that is not to be missed. Amid those special features is a Fan Commentary featuring the Crossrip’s own Troy Benjamin and Chris Stewart, prop builder extraordinaire Sean Bishop, and fellow podcaster Ashley Robinson. After recording the commentary, the whole crew (sadly, minus Ashley) returned to Ghost Corps to decompress and talk about the experience of recording a fan commentary. Call this a post-commentary commentary, that was a whole lot of fun.