#505 - "Tobin's Audio Guide: Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr." - February 4, 2019

GBIC_Instagram Ep505.jpg

This week on the show, we continue our series of Tobin’s Audio Guides - looks behind the essential elements that were key to making Ghostbusters what it is today. And with this installment, Troy explores the creation of Ray Parker Jr.’s iconic theme song. What was originally scripted that inspired a theme in the first place? Who were the duo of Hughes/Thrall and how did they come to become involved with the project? What became of their demo that was unused (and where can you hear bits and pieces of it)? And how did it eventually come to Ray Parker Jr. to write and record a demo in less than 72 hours? All of these questions and more will be answered in our third installment of Tobin’s Audio Guide!

#326 - "Ghostbusters Answer the Call: One Year Later" - July 10, 2017

This week on the show, some news and looking back on the third Ghostbusters live-action film one year after its release. Up first, Troy and Chris talk Ray Parker Jr.'s appearance in the documentary Hired Gun and the great interview he did with The Movie Guys. Also, a few updates on fundraising for mental health in Ghostbusters II actor Hank Deutschendorf's name, a 24-year old pinball wizard who won a Stern Ghostbusters pinball machine, audio from last year's Twisted Toonz Ghostbusters live-reading at the Phoenix Comic-Con, and yes - that photo above is your first-look at the upcoming Crossrip t-shirt with unique Dan Schoening artwork that'll be up for grabs soon! 

#316 - "I Wanna New Drug" - May 1, 2017

This week on the show, we're catching up on the last two weeks' worth of news! First up, Troy and Chris chat about Paul Feig's "Director's Series" at the Tribeca Film Festival, a ton of great Ernie Hudson news including an in depth interview he did with Blastr, music chat including the new IMAScore music at Heide Park Resort and a rare glimpse into the life of "Magic" artist Mick Smiley, and finally we're chatting a little print and things to read including an upcoming Ecto-1 Owners Workshop Manual with a familiar author.