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#209 - Anthony Bueno (Director)/Claire Bueno (Producer) "Cleanin' Up the Town" - February 25, 2016

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, this is a third Crossrip in one week! For good reason though, as we have Anthony and Claire Bueno, the Director and Producer of the new documentary "Cleanin' Up the Town" on the show to talk about their film. Their documentary "Cleanin' Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters" is an in-depth an intricate look behind the scenes of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II that, as you'll hear in the interview, has truly been a labor of love for the last eight years. Anthony and Claire have been self-financing and self-producing the documentary during that time but need our help to cross the finish line so that we can all enjoy this special piece of film history. With just 11 days left in their Kickstarter campaign, there's a Ghostbusters movie out there that needs you, head to their site now to donate before it's too late!