#538 - "Conspicuously Old Fashioned" - September 23, 2019

GBIC_Instagram Ep538.jpg

This week on the show, some Ghostbusters (2020) developments, merch news, and a discussion topic that makes us feel old (what doesn’t, at this point?). First up, merch news including a Mondo soundtrack release, Cakeworthy clothes, NYCC Diamond Select exclusives, and some video game news including Left For Dead 2 DLC up for sale. Then, in our first Ghostbusters (2020) segment in a long time, Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd were at Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight may have gotten them to spill a few (spoilerific beans) including who Paul Rudd might be playing in the new film. And, Dan appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast confirming something that we already knew - but it set the internet abuzz. In the last segment of this week’s show, Troy and Chris explore the anachronisms of Ghostbusters. Things that have been phased out that the new generation of fans will never understand. Check the card catalog for the episode’s location and join us, won’t you? Plus - stay tuned to the very end for a fun contest, Stewart-style!

#443 - "Ghostbusters Crossing Over #7" - November 12, 2018

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This week on the show, we’re discussing the seventh of eight issues of IDW Comics’ Ghostbusters Crossing Over mini-series. What have they set up for the final issue? What has been left behind? We love seeing all these characters together so much - are we all ready to see it come to an end this quickly? All those questions answered and more. But first up, some quick news including Chris’ Ghostbusters World technical woes, a new Mondo print that’s outstanding, a kid who just wants to be a Ghostbuster, and a boat racer who listens to Ray Parker Jr.’s theme song when she’s all alone at sea.