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#241a - Bonus Episode: Ghostheads Commentary with the Ghostbusters of BC

In celebration of Ghostheads' physical media release on Blu-ray (in stores and online now)! We're cutting into the feed to give you a bonus episode with a commentary to be played under the film with three members of the Ghostbusters of British Columbia. It's some serious Christopher Nolan-style Inception as you're able to watch a movie made by fans, for fans, that's ABOUT fans... with a fan commentary! Pick up your copy of Ghostheads today and give this commentary a listen for more insights. Wait for the sound of the chime to start the film and you'll be in sync with the crew!

#234 - "Chris and Ryan's Excellent Road Trip Adventure" - August 22, 2016

Troy is in the final hours of a work project and Chris is sitting on patios, refusing to come inside and record things. Rather than leave a hole in our otherwise flawless weekly run, this is the perfect time to run a special episode we’ve had in our back pocket for awhile. Recorded back in May, Ryan Doell of the Ghostbusters of British Columbia and Chris hit the road in search of Ghostbusters merch, which had become available stateside just a couple weeks before, but only in the US.

Bear in mind, the new movie was still two months away when the trip was made, so if references seem dated, well, they are. And the audio is a bit car-phone-ish, but is pretty clear, so while it’s not up to our usual in-studio quality, it’ll do.

The topics are mostly Ghostbusters, with the occasional side-topic and while this is definitely one of our longer episodes, imagine how long it would have been if we hadn’t cut out the 40 minutes of being mildly lost!

And now a special Crossrip presentation of the two funniest guys in the car, as voted by the only two guys in the car. Enjoy and we’ll be back with a regular episode next week as usual.

Unless Troy has been hauled off for observation.

#218a - Cyclotron: Ghostbusters International #3 Discussion - April 27, 2016

At long last, our Cyclotron roundtable discussing IDW Comics' Ghostbusters International #3 - the March release that's on shelves now! Join Troy and Chris with special guests Ryan Doell of the Ghostbusters of BC and Matt Provencal, who might have a recognizable voice as he is the co-host of Cross the Streams Radio. Join us as we chat plot twists, speculation, easter eggs, plus Troy gushes about Kylie like a junior high school kid and more.

#211a - Cyclotron: Ghostbusters International #2 Discussion - March 9, 2016

Join the group in the Cyclotron to discuss IDW Comics' "Ghostbusters International" Issue #2! This week we have the artist behind the comic himself, Dapper Dan Schoening joining Troy, Chris, Ryan Doell of the Ghostbusters of BC, and Craig Goldberg and Abigail Gardner of the Georgia Ghostbusters. Listen as they dissect the issue's events, point out some of the easter eggs, and get some insight into the origins of the series from one of the sources himself! The issue is in stores now and is a must buy, go pick it up and follow along with the roundtable discussion!

#205/#205a - Introducing The CYCLOTRON - A Roundtable on IDW's Ghostbusters International #1 - February 1, 2016

This week, you get not just the usual weekly Crossrip episode but we're introducing our sister-show, The Cyclotron! First up, Troy and Chris chat their usual news discussion including some chat about LEGO Dimensions and the under the radar announcement that a Ghostbusters (2016) tie-in console video game is coming from Activision. Also Hook and Ladder No. 8 in New York City is closing up shop for the next three years as it undergoes huge interior and exterior renovations and the boys have all the news that's fit to print on what's changing. The UK had a Toy Fair last week and Rocket Licensing showed off their first wave of tie-in products and boy, the sheer volume is a doozy! Entertainment Tonight interviewed Paul Feig on the red carpet at the Golden Globes and a seemingly trivial comment about test screenings has the internet in a frenzy, find out why. Nerf Herder is back with an all-new single from their upcoming album and it'll hit you right where it hurts, listen to an excerpt from their new song "Ghostbusters III." Plus, Sony has an Indoor Theme Park coming to Minnesota, Ghost Corps wants your franchises, and so much more... whew. And if that wasn't enough, we're spending the second half of the episode to introduce you to our new sister-show The Cyclotron! Special roundtable discussion episodes that will follow major releases meriting a little more in-depth discussion and analysis is what you'll find in these periodic episode releases - and this week we're pleased to be joined with Ryan Doell of the Ghostbusters of BC to talk about this week's release of Ghostbusters International #1 by IDW. Page by page, panel by panel, listen to the gang discuss this launch issue of an all-new Ghostbusters on-going comic volume and look for future episodes of the Cyclotron to feature familiar faces talking about very incredibly cool things!