special report

#234 - "Chris and Ryan's Excellent Road Trip Adventure" - August 22, 2016

Troy is in the final hours of a work project and Chris is sitting on patios, refusing to come inside and record things. Rather than leave a hole in our otherwise flawless weekly run, this is the perfect time to run a special episode we’ve had in our back pocket for awhile. Recorded back in May, Ryan Doell of the Ghostbusters of British Columbia and Chris hit the road in search of Ghostbusters merch, which had become available stateside just a couple weeks before, but only in the US.

Bear in mind, the new movie was still two months away when the trip was made, so if references seem dated, well, they are. And the audio is a bit car-phone-ish, but is pretty clear, so while it’s not up to our usual in-studio quality, it’ll do.

The topics are mostly Ghostbusters, with the occasional side-topic and while this is definitely one of our longer episodes, imagine how long it would have been if we hadn’t cut out the 40 minutes of being mildly lost!

And now a special Crossrip presentation of the two funniest guys in the car, as voted by the only two guys in the car. Enjoy and we’ll be back with a regular episode next week as usual.

Unless Troy has been hauled off for observation.