ghostbusters the board game

#217 - "Chunks O' Rowan" - April 18, 2016

Holy guacamole, there's a lot to talk about this week. How about a special two-hour episode to fit it all in? And how about some quick bullet-points on what's discussed? CinemaCon, Al Roker's Today Show set visit, Activision Console Game, EXCLUSIVE details on that packed Ghost Corps merchandise cabinet (hint: Mattel merch details galore!), MTV Movie Awards, Adam Ray as the voice of Slimer, books, Ray Parker Jr., Dubai Motiongate Theme Park, Cryptozoic's Ghostbusters II: The Board Game, Yahtzee! Anovos, the Ghostbusters: Ultimate Visual History Special Edition, a scientific study on the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River and how they relate to Ghostbusters II, the Largo Ghostbusters doing some great charity work, Golden Cadillacs, VOICEMAILS!, -- geez, did we miss anything? Probably!

#120 - "Ghostbusters: The Board Game Discussion" - November 16, 2015

Join Troy and Chris as they discuss their first impressions of Cryptozoic's new Ghostbusters: The Board Game in this week's Crossrip! First up, a little bit of news including some mild spoilers for Ghostbusters (2016) - don't worry, we'll forewarn you - then stick around for some discussion on the LEGO Ghostbusters firehouse, a new Ghostbusters remix, and more!

#106 - Mataio Wilson/Cryptozoic Entertainment & Luna X Mars - August 10, 2015

This week on the Crossrip, news on a National Lampoon documentary "Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead," the 2016 Ghostbusters pay Tufts Medical Center a visit, Ivan Reitman makes a statement  to clarify his "just noise" comments about future Ghostbusters film development. Then stay tuned for two, count 'em two, interviews! Mataio Wilson, the Associate Game Designer behind Cryptozoic Entertainment's Ghostbusters: The Board Game coming this October. After that, we chat with pinup model and New Hampshire Ghostbuster Luna X Mars about her experience as a background extra on Paul Feig's Ghostbusters (2016) - - don't worry, it's spoiler-free!

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