Licensing-a-Palooza 2016

It all started out innocently enough, a quick Tweet from a fan to Paul Feig (in good fun riding on the "Where's Rey?" trend) in which it was asked if all four of the new 'busters would receive the action figure treatment and his response was a first glimpse of the new Mattel action figures. That enough got the buzz machine going all throughout the internet but shortly on that image's heels was a licensing event held in London by Rocket Licensing in which new props and gadgets were displayed, footage was shown, and potential developers were enticed with the possibilities of things to come this July that they might be able to hitch their wagons onto. While many of the new props haven't been clearly defined (pistol guns? is that our first look at the trap?) it certainly can get discussion going. 

Below is a gallery of images (courtesy of Rocket Licensing, Mattel, and Paul Feig's Twitter account) from this week's event. Any thoughts what we might be looking at in all of these?