#122 - "IDW Ghostbusters Annual 2015 Discussion" - November 30, 2015

This week, Troy and Chris have the latest Ghostbusters news and talk in-depth about the IDW Ghostbusters Annual. First up, everybody look under your seats, you're all getting trademarks! You get a trademark, and you get a trademark! And Ecto-Cooler gets a trademark (again), what could it mean? Troy and Chris do a little speculating. Then we explore Tom Rothman's comments at the Paley Center as read in The Hollywood Reporter. You know THOSE comments about the new Ghostbusters movie. All that plus a Ghostheads, Zoobe, REAL! and Hollywood Collectables update on the biggest Ghostbusters podcast since 1909!

#117 - Ernest Cline/Author "Ready Player One" & "Armada" - October 26, 2015

This week on the Crossrip, we're so excited to have author and screenwriter Ernest Cline on the show! With Back to the Future day in the not-so-distant rear-view mirror, new Star Wars and Ghostbusters on the horizon, and Ernie's adaptation of "Ready Player One" about to begin production, it's only fitting that Troy and Chris get a little time to talk to the owner of the Ecto-88 himself. Hear about the inspiration for his unique Ectomobile, his future projects and a little discussion on programming the perfect Halloween double-feature. All that plus the latest news including a Toys R Us LEGO leak, Zoobe add-ons, and Michael C. Gross receiving a lifetime achievement award. This Halloween week, who're you gonna call for all the latest in Ghostbusters and pop culture? (Hint: this podcast.)

#110 - Dan Amrich/Ubisoft Community Manager, Musician, Fan - September 7, 2015

Troy and Chris needed a little help. Superstar guitarist Phil-X sent out a photo to the masses regarding his recent purchase for Ghostbusters (2016) and it all read a little bit like Greek to them, so they called in the big guns: journalist Dan Amrich joins the Crossrip for this episode to talk video games (Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Puzzle Fighter and more) as well as give his professional analysis of Phil-X's highly-elaborate Instagram message to the fans that may or may not debunk the Crossrip theory that a new Ghostbusters theme song may have already been recorded.

#109 - "Whole Mess O' News" - August 31, 2015

Time to catch up on a WHOLE lot of news over the past week! Zoobe has a Slimer app that lets you put your voice in his mouth, IDW teases the Sandman (and Chris teases Troy with his Sandman impression), Melissa McCarthy is going to sell a Ghostbusters line of clothing, a metric-ton of Ghostbusters (2016) production news including photos from Paul Feig, Chris Hemsworth and Melissa McCarthy, and a slight correction on our reporting for the LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters tie-in. Oh yeah, and that big spoiler about a cameo that leaked? We're not going to talk about it, but we're going to talk about how we're not going to talk about it. Crazy, huh?