phil x

#110 - Dan Amrich/Ubisoft Community Manager, Musician, Fan - September 7, 2015

Troy and Chris needed a little help. Superstar guitarist Phil-X sent out a photo to the masses regarding his recent purchase for Ghostbusters (2016) and it all read a little bit like Greek to them, so they called in the big guns: journalist Dan Amrich joins the Crossrip for this episode to talk video games (Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Puzzle Fighter and more) as well as give his professional analysis of Phil-X's highly-elaborate Instagram message to the fans that may or may not debunk the Crossrip theory that a new Ghostbusters theme song may have already been recorded.

#105 - "La Aventura Laser" - August 3, 2015

In this week's episode, Troy and Chris delve into the strange and mystical land of Mexico for the Six Flags Ghostbusters attraction "La Aventura Laser", discuss Dan Aykroyd's foreword for the Ghostbusters Mass Hysteria hardcover a little more in-depth, then they chat about a recent casting call for metal heads to Ghostbusters (2016) and give a little sneak preview of the work of Phil X, who is scoring something for the new film, then we analyze the recent GQ and MTV interviews with Paul Feig and Drew Pearce and discuss what they mean for the future of the Ghostbusters franchise.

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