violet ramis steel

#403 - "Underappreciated Ghostbusters" - January 22, 2018


This week on the show, a few brief news items including Violet Ramis Steel beginning her press tour for her book Ghostbuster's Daughter, fans creating awesome things and doing great deeds, and more. Then Troy and Chris discuss some of the more unsung, underappreciated, some might say underrated aspects of Ghostbusters - the first of what will probably be many conversations on the topic.

#249 - "Ghostbusters International #11" - December 5, 2016


This week on the show, all the latest news that's fit to print and a discussion about the conclusion of IDW Comics' "Ghostbusters International" series! First up, a little recap on the past couple weeks' events, some news on the Motiongate Dubai attraction, Ivan Reitman's comments about the future of the franchise (and his appearance on Canada's Smartest Person), a great article about the evolution of Slimer in Puppetry Journal, Violet Ramis Steel is writing a book about her father, the Ghostbusters of BC made a lucky kid's day, and a whole lot more! Then stick around for discussion on Ghostbusters International #11 and the exciting conclusion to the comic series that's spanned the globe!