john candy

#533 - "What If: Casting Had Been Very Different?" - August 19, 2019

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This week on the show, we continue our “What If” series with another thought experiment: what if some of the alternative castings mentioned over the years had actually gotten the role? What if John Candy had played Louis Tully? What if Jeff Goldblum had played Egon Spengler? And what if Eddie Murphy had played Winston Zeddemore? All of these and more are explored as Troy and Chris think of reasons the castings may have worked (or, in some instances, why it’s probably better it didn’t).

#203 - "Paul Feig Is Not In Charge of the Cupcakes" - January 18, 2016

This week, the Crossrip remembers David Margulies ("Mayor Lenny Clotch") and catches up on all the news that's fit for another podcast. Trailer Watch 2016 continues as no Ghostbusters (2016) trailer is in sight, but there's a whole lot of licensing news to talk about including Mattel action figures, Rubies Halloween costumes and a big event that took place in London this past week put on by the Rocket Licensing folks. Sounds boring? It wasn't - a good chunk of new props/gear from the 2016 film was on display and Troy and Chris feel like speculating on everything we saw. Ghost Corps wants you to know that you'll be able to have a Lazer Aventura at a Six Flags near you (and wants your franchise patches for a brand new display in their shiny offices)! Want to see GB16 early? Make a bid on IfOnly's charitable fundraising effort for a private screening before anyone else gets to see it. Want to hear some anecdotes we never knew about Ray Parker Jr.'s iconic Ghostbusters theme song and the music video that accompanied it? ScreenCrush had a great article that the boys will discuss. All that, plus a couple hashtags to use in the weeks coming on an all-new Crossrip!