neil casey

The New Ectomobile

Mere hours after multiple announcements that Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams, Matt Walsh and Neil Casey would be joining the main cast in Ghostbusters (2016), Paul Feig jumped on Twitter to give us our first look at the Ghostbusters (2016) incarnation of the Ectomobile. Still maintaining the Hearse lineage of the 1984 incarnation, I'm no car guy but the vehicle appears to be a circa-1980s Cadillac Hearse. A good portion of the roof rack appears to be inspired by the 1984 film but the lightbars have been replaced with a giant yellow strobe light. I especially love the replaced hood ornament of what looks to be a silver ghost.

The other good news for prop replica enthusiasts is that this era Hearse might be a more readily available automobile for purchase and conversion rather than the rare 1959 Miller Meteor Caddy made famous by the original movie. I've got a 1979 Cadillac DeVille in the garage that might be ready for conversion... what are the odds?

UPDATE: Feig also posted the rear (and presumably) the original unmodified version of the car to his Twitter shortly after the initial unveiling.