message from troy

We're Back!

Well hello there, internet. Long time, no see.

I'm Troy, where're you from... originally?

To a few old-timers out there, the name "Ghostbusters Headquarters" might spark a memory or two of your dial-up internet days. Logging into Prodigy or AOL and waiting for ten years for a ridiculously long URL to load and eventually getting you to the site known as GBHQ. Some might remember Ghostbusters HQ as a message board that was a ragtag bunch of hooligans that was the dive bar equivalent of social networking before social networking.

But regardless if you have prior knowledge of GBHQ or not, I'd like to reintroduce you to the ol' girl...

Ghostbusters HQ is back. But a little different. Like the times, she's changed a bit.

With new Ghostbusters films on the horizon and the promise of everything to come, there's such a flurry of information (and a lot of misinformation) thanks to the instant nature of what the internet has become. I found that a lot of my time interacting with the community was assuaging fans who had been misinformed by click bait-fueled articles and comment hate. 

And suddenly I got the bug again, to rebuild something out of Ghostbusters HQ from its ashes... and that's where you are today:

The goal of the new Ghostbusters HQ is to become the premiere online magazine for fans to reach to as another source for in-depth and insightful articles. GBHQ isn't going to take the place of any of the more central fan-hubs like A.J.'s fantastic GBFans, but rather my hope is it'll be your periodic stop for a good read or two. News, editorials, hopefully a lot of great interviews and behind the scenes are on the horizon.