interdimensional crossrip

Announcing the Ghostbusters Interdimensional Crossrip Podcast

Step into our time-traveling DeLorean for a moment and go back to April of 2000 with us. It was a time when 56K modems were still trickling out, America Online was still a thing, and there wasn't a Google or a YouTube in our daily vernacular. It was about this time that I thought, "Hey! A video news show about Ghostbusters sure would be swell!" Clocking in at a little over 3 minutes and about 8mb in all of its 4x3 SD QuickTime glory, the "Interdimensional Crossrip" was born and quickly died. Fifteen years ago, a video program where you had to set up your computer to download overnight (and pray that nobody picked up the phone line and disconnected your internet link) was a little unwieldy and not entirely practical.

Fast-forward fifteen years when YouTube and Twitch streams are a part of our every day. Anyone with a connection can have a voice. Now that the HQ is back up and running, I started getting the itch to put together some sort of program. I saw the good folks at Ghostbusters News bested my attempt fifteen years ago with a new YouTube show but noticed that our stalwart Ghostheads and Cross the Streams podcasts were a little dormant.

So I got on the horn with Chris Stewart of Proton Charging and asked him if he wanted to help me give this a try again. To my delight, he said yes and we put together a little something. 

The all-new Ghostbusters Interdimensional Crossrip is an hour-long podcast that will bring you news, analysis and interviews on all things Ghostbusters. We're still finding our feet but we quietly released our first episode earlier in the week and are now ready to share it with the masses. You can listen and download the podcast here on the HQ, or you can subscribe on iTunes (and soon Stitcher and a few other outlets of your preference). All-new episodes are forthcoming as well, but we want to hear your feedback on what you'd like to hear. Drop us a comment or reach out on our Twitter/Facebook!