ghostbusters commentary

#450 - "Ghostbusters II New Year's Eve Commentary" - December 31, 2018

GBIC_Instagram Ep450.jpg

Join us to ring in the New Year with the Ghostbusters! This year, we have the fortuitous timing of releasing our regular Monday episode on New Year’s Eve, and we figured - why not record a second commentary on the second Ghostbusters film, where we can actually countdown and celebrate 2019 as they’re celebrating on-screen? Listen for the tone at the top of the show and pause the episode, then cue up Ghostbusters II on your favorite streaming service or format of choice and pause it at the first frame of the Columbia logo. Then, at exactly 10:24pm, hit play on both the podcast audio and the movie. When the clock strikes midnight, everyone’s favorite Carpathian will be weakened by both your and the background extra’s singing of Auld Lang Syne. That’s right, it’ll be midnight in the movie and in real life, pretty mind blowing! Let’s do it!

#126 - "First Annual Ghostbusters II Commentary" - December 28, 2015

Last week's commentary on the original Ghostbusters sure was a lot of fun, wasn't it? Let's do another with the follow-up 1989 sequel Ghostbusters II! Join Troy and Chris as they converse about behind the scenes production tidbits, little known facts that have been stored in their brains for far too long, and watch as they point out some of their favorite moments in the film and discuss. Sync up and follow along, or listen to the boys discuss sans picture, either way let's spend another evening watching a movie together - you don't even have to buy us dinner!

#125 - "First Annual Ghostbusters Commentary" - December 21, 2015

The holidays are upon us, so let's all gather around by the fire, grab a cup of cocoa, and watch a movie as a family, shall we? Join Troy and Chris as they watch the original Ghostbusters film from 1984 and do something only tolerable if you know it's going to happen in advance: talking over the movie! The Crossrip boys converse about their favorite scenes, point out a few things you might not have noticed, and share some of the insights and production anecdotes that are stored deep within the recesses of their brains just for you. And we had so much fun, we might just make it an annual thing and invite a few friends next year. Yes, we know there's a whole lot going on in Ghostbusters-land, posters and teaser images and that whole trailer thing (both the 18-wheel version and the lights and sound version that is imminent), and Troy and Chris will be back with all the latest soon. But for now, enjoy rewatching your favorite film from an all-new point of view!