Ghostbusters References

Dubai Reveals Details for Ghostbusters: Battle for New York

The mystery has been unveiled today as the Dubai Motiongate theme park has announced details for all 27 of the attractions that will open when the park opens in October of this year.

Of interest to us, of course, is the all-new Ghostbusters: Battle for New York which the company has described as a dark ride with an interactive shooter component in which visitors will compete against one another to hit targets throughout the ride.

The Hook and Ladder No. 8 inspired facade has been visible during construction, as has the large dark ride building behind it giving us a sense that this will be a ride of a large scale. Something akin to the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters for those familiar of the Disneyland attraction.

The ride will be a part of the Sony Pictures “zone” within the park - there are also plans for a live entertainment attraction featuring the Ghostbusters which the press release describes as a “singing and dancing boy band” - one would imagine it will be a similar show to those experienced at Universal Studios Florida when Ghostbusters was a featured licensed property there.

The full official press release from Motiongate follows:

Lights, Camera…and Action!  motiongate™ Dubai’s 27 star rides and attractions step into the spotlight, joined by cast of live entertainment
Fly, spin, twirl and glide through 13 of Hollywood’s most beloved live action and animated films in this movie-inspired theme park at Dubai Parks and Resorts
Dubai, UAE – 22 March 2016:  Imagine riding a dragon and soaring high above, or embarking on a river expedition through a mythical land. How would you feel blasting up a 58m tower to escape from a horde of zombies, or if you found yourself aboard a hovercraft playing the hero?
At motiongate™ Dubai - part of the Dubai Parks and Resorts destination -you choose your role. With a starting line-up of 27 action-packed rides and attractions inspired by some of Hollywood’s most cherished movies from DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Studios – including The Smurfs and Lionsgate, guests can take the lead in their own cinematic adventure. Plus, with a handful of live entertainment experiences such as an encounter with a big green ogre, a ghost-busting singing boy band, a vampire heroine, a kung fu fighting panda or a colony of little blue friends, guests will be entertained at every turn with a stellar supporting cast.
“We are taking guests beyond the screen, into a world of cinematic adventure at motiongate™ Dubai. With an action-packed line-up of Hollywood-inspired rides and attractions from fast-paced roller coasters, multi-sensory theatre shows to imaginative play areas, plus a full line-up of live entertainment shows, there is something for everyone,” said Guido Zucchi, General Manager of motiongate™ Dubai.
Those looking for some extreme action will find it here. Adrenaline seekers of all ages can get their fix on five exhilarating roller coasters scripted around some major film favourites. The Sony Pictures Studios Zone will feature The Green Hornet: High Speed Chase, a high action roller coaster, which follows the masked crusader and his sidekick Kato on a white knuckle pursuit through dizzying drops and sharp turns. Fans of The Hunger Games can hop onto the speedy Capitol Bullet Train, an adrenaline pumping roller coaster, which launches guests through 360 degrees of thrill inside the Lionsgate Zone. Two roller coasters can be found inside the DreamWorks Zone: Madagascar Mad Pursuit, the fastest roller coaster in the park, which will take guests on a mad chase through the circus alongside the Zoosters; and Dragon Gliders, a one-of-a-kind suspended roller coaster inviting guests to soar high above the land of Berk, inspired by How To Train Your Dragon. Lastly, a special adventure awaits aboard Smurfs Village Express where families can glide through the enchanting mushroom-capped town of the beloved Smurfs. 
That’s not all. Brave enough to face zombies, monsters and ghosts? Go ‘supernatural’ blasting off with Zombieland, Underworld’s 4D theatre or hop aboard a zany dark ride with Hotel Transylvania or the Ghostbusters. Fancy getting splashed around? Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs will send guests sailing on a white water rapids voyage. 

There’s plenty of action for family and little ones too, with exploratory and adventure play areas inspired by these animated hits: The Smurfs, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Prefer shows and live theatre?  Train under the masters at the Kung Fu Panda Academy, interact with Brainy Smurf on-stage or grab a front row seat to the ultimate hip hop dance competition with Step Up Dubai, All In! 
“Movies are a favourite leisure pursuit in this region, and motiongate™ Dubai is combining the best of Hollywood cinema, theme parks and live entertainment to create an amazing experience for our guests throughout their journey at Dubai Parks and Resorts. With so much on offer in our destination, we are confident Dubai Parks and Resorts will be creating unforgettable memories for everyone,” said Stanford Pinto, Chief Parks Operating Officer, Dubai Parks and Resorts.
motiongate™ Dubai is spread across five zones: Sony Pictures Studios, DreamWorks, Smurfs Village, Lionsgate and Studio Central, the park’s entry boulevard.
Scheduled to open in October this year, motiongate™ Dubai is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts which will also feature the region’s first LEGOLAND® Park and a LEGOLAND® Water Park. Committed to bringing together the best of the East and West, Dubai Parks and Resorts will also feature Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, the first ever theme park based on the sights and sounds of Bollywood. The entire destination will be connected by Riverland™ Dubai – a retail, dining and entertainment walkway and guests can stay at the Lapita™ Hotel, Autograph Collection, a Polynesian-themed resort catering to families.

THX's New Animated Logo, Dr. Venkman Would Approve

Since the early 1980s, the absolute best theater audio experience has often been accompanied by the familiar "Deep Note" tone and the THX animated logo. I still remember purchasing the "THX-Certified" Star Wars Trilogy on VHS and playing the logo over and over on my parents' home theater system, impressed with just how cool it sounded.

THX recently revamped both their "Deep Note" tone and their animated logo and it curiously has a tie to Ghostbusters. As the title treatment comes into view, the subtitle "See You on the Other Side" appears underneath. Sure, it's a commonly used phrase but one would have to assume that a cinefile who happened to be in that brainstorm session might have consciously (or subconsciously) recommended the recognizable Ghostbusters quote.

For those interested, there's a great article on the history and backstory behind the note and the logo over on Yahoo to celebrate the arrival of its latest incarnation. We'll see if officials at THX either confirm or deny the new slogan's ties to the Boys in Grey...

UPDATE: The good people of THX have confirmed that the reference is just a fun coincidence.